Brand Identity

What is brand identity 

A brand identity is a collection of digital, printed, or physical resources used to create a uniform image of a brand. It consists of separate branded items united with the same style and ideas.

What is its Benefits

A brand package creates a unified message across your company’s various channels 

And  help you stand out from your competitors by:

  • Delivering your business’s message or explain its products
  • Connecting  your products and services with customers
  • Creating  user loyalty
  • Getting  users to purchase your products

What Includes 

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Flyers
  • Folded brochures
  • Email templates
  • Convention displays


Include your brand colors and breakdown values for consistency across different types of media


To ensure brand consistency state your primary type face (and secondary, if applicable) to be used when and where. Describing the font’s characteristics and displaying an example of said font is helpful. 

“ The primary typeface used for Intelivideo is Nimbus Sans where the condensed variety is used in the type treatment for the logo, as well as punchy headers and titles. If our primary choice is not available on the medium used, Open Sans is allowed to be used instead”


Since you want to ensure that your brand appears reliable and consistent you will want to set the rules on how the logo is used and where. Setting a minimum size of the logo to be used is highly recommended since it will ensure legibility

“The full color version is the primary version to be used. Do NOT place the logo on a busy background but only a light colored background not in competition with the logo. For darker backgrounds use the inverted version. Do not change the font of the logo, do not add or subtract anything from the logo and always use a minimum of ¼” of white space between the logo and the edge of the artwork. 1¼ (1.25)” wide is the safest minimum size for print. 170px for web.”


Describe the type of imagery that is qualified to represent your brand with keywords. Is it the mood (optimistic, independent, free, etc) , a certain setting (desolate, open space), a color treatment (all imagery is used in black and white with the element of focus in the primary green brand color) or some other specific requirement? It is helpful to include examples of approved images and unsuitable ones with a short description as to why. 

Below are the four most popular social media networks and their size specifications.

DIFFERENT LOGO VERSIONS Having different color versions of your logo allows more flexibility for the designer yet you remain in control of your brand since you have set up the rules already.

Our Steps

  1. Discovery: We will do some basic marketing research and take input from you about market, trend, your competitor. Do one to one online meetings to more understand your requirements. We deliver our understanding to ensure we both are on the same page.
  2. Logo Design:  Based upon Discovery Session we will This includes any identifiable company logos; your primary logo, any secondary logos, custom marks and/or brand icons.
  3. Brand Design: Next, we nail down your alternate logo, submark and watermark, as well as your typography, color palette, and patterns/textures. These are the elements that give your brand personality and really make it come to life.
  4. Digital Asset: After that will design banner and profile pages of your  3 social media platform  , Email headers, Website (optional)
  5. Print Asset: Finally we will Business Card Design, Letterhead  and forms ,Envelope, Collateral Pieces ( Flyer, brocucher, media kit) ,Greeting Cards

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Eid,Thank you, etc)

  1. Additional services. You may also chose our additional services which include  web site design 
  2. Packages And Proposal 

Brand Investment 

Please go through following your brand investment packages . These package are fully customizable