How To Start An E-Commerce Store

If you are new to ecommerce and wanted to start an ecommerce store then this article is for you. The technology has widespread and every day new business and new online store coming online. Like every business channel ecommerce also need planning and implementation at right time, right technology with right product.

Ecommerce Store Types

There are two type of ecommerce stores i.e

  • Single Vendor Store: Store which you make to sale only your products and each profit directly.
  • Multivendor Store : Store you make to sales other product and earn commission as profit.

Which Type I should Start

Always start single vendor own store first if you are small business and wanted to expand. The multivendor store required more investment in technology and marketing then single vendor. so it is better to have some experience first.

How I can keep balance between technology and marketing investment.

This is very important decision hence before making investment decision in ecommerce first realize following facts.

  • Compare cost of online shop and physical shop
  • Compare cost of bringing visitor/marketing to your online shop vs physical shop
  • Compare cost of inventory investment to your online shop vs physical shop

The result will give good help to make decision .

In general when you start ecommerce store you don’t have visitor but start building it by using online marketing and you start getting visitors.

Cheap Solution and Cheap Server

If you build store on cheap solution and hosted on cheap server location , we are afraid but you are going lose most of your marketing investment if if website open slow on desktop or and mobile as visitor will close the website. So always advise our customer to have good solutions and server so that their marketing dollar will not be wasted. A cheap build website and server normally result following ;

  • Crash when traffic increase- Customer left
  • Slowly Open – Customer frustrated and left
  • Open but product images take time to load: Customer frustrated and left
  • Open but product video takes time to load: Customer frustrated and left
  • Not user friendly